Workshop Overview

LinkedIn can make or break your career. With over 610 million members, LinkedIn is the world’s premier professional networking site. An incredible 97% of recruiters now use LinkedIn as their primary candidate source. So professionally you can’t afford not tone there.

Workshop Content 

  • LinkedIn? The facts you need to know.
  • Develop your own online brand for your sector.
  • The ideal headline and summary – why every character counts.
  • Make your LinkedIn profile shine with the best keywords.
  • The perfect upload.
  • Build and manage your network.
  • The best LinkedIn groups for you.

Our Goal

In the training, you will learn how to harness the power of LinkedIn to its full advantage, open doors and stand out from the crowd in a tough graduate market.

Who is it for? 

  • University students who wish to apply for an internship / job.

  • Unemployed individuals.

  • Individuals wanting a career change.

  • Ambitious individuals who want a better role with long-term career goals.

  • Individuals who wish to perfect their existing LinkedIn.

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