One of the fastest growing UK business consultancies for Tier 1 Entrepreneurial Support.

Harrison Forbes Consultancy is a sector-agnostic, finance & investment consultancy firm, based in London. Our creative financial solutions are uniquely customised for sophisticated private investors, entrepreneurs, business owners,




We help investors find quality, pre-vetted investment opportunities from middle-stage companies that match their skill set and personality, making sure that a role is available for them in the company and that all the tier 1 visa requirements are met.


For companies, we offer access, application and investment from overseas investors. Companies benefit from having a professional business plan written for them, access to our consultancy services, and an investor who has the potential to introduce them to new markets.


Trusted By Solicitors

Over 25 UK immigration solicitors have partnered with us to service their clients in presenting the best of companies to invest in. We also surround ourselves with experts who routinely advise us on the ever-changing landscape of UK immigration law. Specifically regarding the tier 1 entrepreneur visa.

is the official website for the Tier-1 Entrepreneur Visa. I will cover a few key points on the website, but I recommend studying this website for a more complete understanding of the program.

Investment Required

You can apply for a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa if you have access to £200,000 in investment funds and you can prove that the money is either your own; made available to you by other people such as a spouse, partner or investor; or in a joint account with your spouse or partner.


We work with hundreds of UK business, but only a couple are selected for introduction to our visa entrepreneurs. We match based not only on your cv but chemistry and risk awareness.