Questions about Internship 


Is there a salary for the internship?

Due to the regulatory requirements of the visa, the work provided by this project belongs to the trainee/intern category and does not provide a fixed salary in the legal sense. However, the company will provide limited benefits (eg reasonable travel or lunch expenses). The expenses vary depending on the company and position.

How long will the visa last?

HF-Forbes can sponsor internships up to 6 months in duration. The visa is only valid for the internship described dates.

Can I change internships?

You cannot change internships. Your sponsorship is granted based on your application for a specific internship.

Who issues the visa?

The visas are issued at the discretion of the British Government.

I have no confidence in the interview. Can you help me with the internship interviews?

Harrison Forbes will offer 3 free interview coaching sessions. Applicants who have been coached by the Harrison Forbes professionals can generally increase their application success rate to 70-80%. Students who need additional tutoring can contact the Harrison Forbes service team for details.

Can I confirm which specific companies and positions are available for me to choose?

We will give you a list of the companies and positions based on our initial consulting with you. However, we cannot confirm which one will be 100% sure your internship because there may be other students who are applying for the same position as you. On the other hand, the details about our partnered companies are business confidential information.

I am currently studying at a university outside of the UK. Can I apply for your internship program?

Yes. We can accept applicants who are based outside of the EU. Please contact the Harrison Forbes service team to confirm if you are qualified for UK Internship Visa application.

I am currently studying in the UK, Do I Still need to re-apply for an internship visa?

Noif your Tier 4 student visa is valid over your internship period you don’t need to apply for T5 internship visa.



Who are the typical investors and what are their backgrounds?

Our investors are high net worth and well-heeled individuals predominantly from Mainland China, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, India, and Nigeria all looking to start a career within the UK. They fall into 3 categories: professionals / entrepreneurs; graduates / postgraduates; and advisors. Most are young or have young families, where 71% are 40 years old or younger. Almost all of the investors are degree-educated, and 45% achieved at least a Master’s degree too. Many of them studied in the UK or other English-speaking countries. Ambitious and motivated, they possess business networks in the Chinese market and work experiences in a wide variety of sectors that range from accountancy to fashion design to nanotechnology.

Are the investors looking to work in my company? And what sort of position would they be looking for?

Most are looking for a full-time position in a similar industry or role to what they have been exposed to previously, whether it is related to their work experience or studies. Some of our investors have other commitments, such as young children, and will look for part-time work. The job positions will likely reflect on their training and experience, and will be agreed between the companies and investors.

What are their salary expectations?

As in any recruitment process, the salary level should mirror the investor’s qualification, experience, contribution and job position. All is entirely negotiable between the companies and investors. 

How good is their English?

The Home Office requires all investors applying to the visa scheme to have reached at least a level 4. IELTS is an English language proficiency test, and is used by British universities during the application process for international students and also by governments in the UK, Australia and Canada for migration. When you interview the potential investor, you will be able to gauge his language skills and decide if they meet the requirements for your work environment.


What is the motivation behind their investment?

Each and every investor has a different reason to invest. For instance, some of the graduate / postgraduate investors, who are mainly sponsored by their families, are keen on acquiring practical experience working in good UK companies and applying the knowledge that they gained from universities. Other investors are seeking sound investment opportunities and perhaps see synergy with their existing businesses and networks in China, thereby creating tremendous added values to both parties. What is common amongst the different investors is their trust in the UK economy and legal system. The quality of life here also has a very strong appeal to them. All these are the fundamental factors behind their decision to invest in the UK as opposed to other countries.

Will they have business connections in back home that may be useful to my company?

As mentioned above, this is a very real possibility, especially if your investor is an established professional in their home country. They will have their old clients or businesses and connections, and would be very keen on establishing a long-lasting relationship with businesses in the UK.

Can we meet the investor before we make a decision?

Ideally, yes. If the investor has been studying in the UK, then he is likely based here for the time being and will have the opportunity to meet you and tour your facilities. You may even consider giving him an internship before you both make a decision on the investment. If, however, the investor is based back home, Skype meetings are most likely to be arranged instead. We also regularly organise networking events and other activities in the UK, which provide plenty of face-to-face meeting opportunities between the two parties.

Questions about INVESTING 


What happens if my VISA is rejected?

Our Packages are sold with a guarantee that your application will not be refused because of a problem with the business plan. This is not the same as a guarantee that you will get your VISA as there are many factors that the UK home office take into consideration when assessing your application and the business plan is just one. 


I want to invest in an existing business. What sort of businesses do you have access to?
  • We work with over 100 companies directly every year for their business growth support. 
  • We mainly work with mid-stage companies who have 1-2 years of accounts and are looking for support both financially and through active investors who have overseas contacts, language skills and more. 
  • We also have access to exciting start-up ventures built by management teams that have successfully started and exited a business (or more) before that we put forward in special circumstances. 

Is Business Matching the safer option for my Visa?

Every day we speak to clients directly or through our professional immigration partners who ask us for insight into what sort of business they should set up in the UK.  

Our opinion is as follows: 

If you do not have a solid business model that you want to start in the UK, then business matching is your best chance of Visa approval and the lowest risk for your investment.  

This does not mean either is guaranteed.  

Other reasons business matching may be for you: 

1 – You’ve already got your Visa but you have changed your mind on your business idea.  
2 – Your business experience is in property, construction, oil, gas, manufacturing, or other business types that cannot be replicated for £200k in the UK.  
3 – You genuinely want to invest in a business in the UK that excites you and has the prospect of giving you a return.  

How can I find a good company to invest in?

Business matching is growing in popularity but it’s still quite rare for an investor (of this kind) to source their own investments. The reason is that it is not hard to find companies that need investment but it is hard to find a company that:

  • Is happy to have you named as a director of their business. 

  • Is willing to spend a large portion of your investment on 2 members of staff. 

  • Is willing to help you with any paperwork you’ll need at your 3 year mark for your renewal. 


We help international students maximise their overseas studying experience, heighten their professional profile and boost their career with global experience by finding the internships that are just right for them. Also,  as a sector-agnostic, finance and investment specialists, our creative financial solutions are uniquely customised for sophisticated private investors, entrepreneurs and business owners alike.

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