Workshop Overview

A fully comprehensive and intensive program to help you ace your (telephone, one-to-one, panel or group) interviews and secure your dream job. In our exclusive interview coaching program, you will be matched with our professional interview coaches from top-tier companies to tailor the program specific to your needs and objectives. Your coach will work closely with you to help you to promote your unique key strengths and provide constructive feedback throughout.

Workshop Content 

  • Private one-to-one coaching in a professional setting with interview practices. 
  • An initial consultation to discuss your needs and objectives.
  • Industry overview and in-depth role requirements.
  • Identity and research on the latest news related to your industry and role.
  • Develop and endorse your unique strengths from your personal qualities, achievements and experiences that the employers are looking for.
  • Learn how to deal with the natural anxieties and build confidence.
  • Master your body language during interviews. 
  • Practice on competency, strength and biographical bases interview questions specific to you and your role.
  • Constructive feedback from the coach to improve the area of weaknesses.
  • A mock one-to-one / panel / group interview with detailed feedback.

Our Goal 

By the end of the program you will have an in-depth understanding of the role you applied for. You will have also master techniques used to overcome anxieties, develop confidence, endorse your strengths and improve your weaknesses – all the essential qualities for leaving a strong impression at an interview.

Who is this for? 

  • University students / individuals who have an interview offer.

  • University students who wish to apply for an internship / job.

  • Unemployed individuals.

  • Individuals wanting a career change.

  • Ambitious individuals who want a better role with long-term career goals.

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